Halls Crossroads - Knoxville, Tennessee


Join, or Renew Your Membership!

Business owners, community leaders, and other local professionals in the Halls community benefit from membership. New and returning members are always welcome. To apply click Membership Application  and mail it to the address provided or bring it along to the next meeting

We’ll be looking for you soon!

How to Join or Renew – Dues are renewed in January

The annual membership fee is $35 for the first representative of your business, and additional company representatives for $15 annually per additional member. Retirees also find the organization to be helpful. The annual fee for retirees is only $15. Dues are renewed in January of each year.

Membership Luncheon 3rd Tuesday of each month – (currently $12) charged each month when you attend. If you have membership questions, please contact the HBPA Membership Chair.