Constitution and Bylaws

Halls Business & Professional Association, Inc. Constitution and Bylaws

Halls Business & Professional Association, Inc. Constitution and Bylaws

Article I – Title and Purpose

  1. This organization shall be known and recognized as the Halls Business & Professional Association, Inc., hereafter known as the Association.
  2. The Association is an organization for business and professional people having in common certain desires, needs, and goals.


Article II – Objectives and Goals

  1. The objective of the Association is to unite the business and professional people of the area into a strong, cohesive unit and thereby provide a means of influencing future area growth, accomplishing common business and community goals, and solving common business and community problems with high ethical and moral practices.
  2. To accomplish the stated objective, the Association will:
  3. Work to increase the quantity and quality of businesses, professions and institutions in the Halls area.
  4. Work to encourage the support of its members by the community through advertisements or other means available.
  5. Seek and support those with the same thoughts and ideas that are constructive to the Association goals on matters pertaining to Halls.
  6. Work actively with local Law Enforcement Agencies to make our living and trade area a safe place for our community, patrons and personnel in which to live, shop and work.
  7. Work for civic improvements in the Halls area, including but not limited to beautification and recreation for our citizens.
  8. Provide a forum for the dissemination of information of interest to Association members through monthly newsletters, invited speakers and other approved programs.
  9. Assistance of other organizations shall be made by request of or in full understanding with same organization and by the approval of the Association.


Article III – Membership and Dues

  1. Membership shall be open to any individual, partnership, company, corporation, owner or lessor of commercial property, or other legal form of business, profession or institution within the confines of Halls or to those individuals having a vested interest in the Halls community.
  2. A new member shall be sponsored by a member in good standing and shall have approval of the Association.
  3. The Association is funded from dues paid annually by each participating individual or business: Individual – $50

Adopted: December 18, 1984 Revised: December 19, 1989 Revised: December 30, 2019

  1. Dues shall be due on January 1 of each year and delinquent March 1 of each year.
  2. Voting privilege of each member shall be dependent upon current payment of dues. Each individual member is extended the privilege of one vote. A business membership is entitled to no more than one (1) vote from the business’ designated representative provided, however, that additional representatives may be designated.

Article IV – Officers and Elections

  1. The officers shall consist of President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and four Directors, who collectively along with the immediate past President shall be the executive committee and governing body.
  2. The officers shall be elected annually in November by written ballot, take office at the annual banquet and shall serve until the banquet the following year or February 15, whichever comes first.
  3. Nomination of officers shall be made by a committee, consisting of any two past presidents and one other person appointed by the President. The President will appoint a Chairperson.
  4. The nominating committee shall be formed at the October meeting and shall complete its assigned duties within reasonable time to permit the printing of the ballot in the November newsletter.
  5. The committee shall attempt to nominate at least two candidates for each office. Members who desire to make a nomination must present said nomination to the committee at least two weeks prior to the November meeting. The committee shall determine prior to the election that each nominee will take the position if elected.
  6. All officers shall serve without compensation.


Article V – Duties of Officers

  1. The President shall preside over all meetings, shall appoint committees, shall cause to be issued all calls for meetings, both regular and special, shall be ex officio member of all committees, shall have general jurisdiction over all affairs of the Association and shall be authorized to sign Association checks.
  2. The First Vice President shall be the second presiding officer and shall be the chairperson of the program committee, and chairperson of the membership committee.
  3. The Second Vice President shall be the third presiding officer, shall be responsible for the collection and dissemination of necessary information including but not limited to publication of the newsletter, directory, brochures, or call of special meetings.
  4. The recording secretary shall record accurately and completely the proceedings of all meetings of the club, including the executive council meetings. He/She shall present a written report of the previous meeting at each regular meeting if called upon to do so by the presiding officer.
  5. The treasurer shall receive all monies due the Association from any source, shall keep a true record of all receipts and disbursements, shall render an accounting when called upon to do so, shall present a written report of all receipts, disbursements and balances at the end of March and September of each year covering the previous six months period, shall maintain a record of membership and dues paid by members, shall deposit all funds in a bank of his or her choice in

Halls Business & Professional Association Constitution and Bylaws (rev. 11-21-00) -2-

Adopted: December 18, 1984 Revised: December 19, 1989 Revised: November 21, 2000

Halls in the name of the Association and shall issue all checks from the funds of the bank account. The President shall also be authorized to sign checks in the absence of the treasurer.


Article VI – Committees

  1. The Association shall have the following standing committees: Program, Membership, Nominating, and Man and Woman of the Year.
  2. The Man and Woman of the Year committee shall consist of one former Man and Woman of the Year recipients and two men and two women appointed by the President that are active in community affairs.
  3. Regular committees shall serve a period of one year. All matters are to be handled by regular committees, if possible.
  4. Special committees shall serve until the project is completed or until the new officers are installed. The new officers shall have the right to reappoint the committee if needed.
  5. Chairperson of each committee, unless otherwise designated, shall be the first appointed.


Article VII – Duties of Committees

  1. Program – The program committee shall supply programs for each regular meeting.
  2. Membership – The membership committee shall use every effort to secure and maintain membership in the Association.
  3. Man and Woman of the Year – This committee shall select the Man and Woman of the Year and shall use the following guidelines:
  4. The Man and Woman of the Year shall be a resident of Halls or be employed in the local area.
  5. Committee shall contact in writing all civic clubs, institutions, churches and schools in the community asking them to present pertinent information on a Man and Woman they wish the committee to consider.
  6. The Man and Woman shall be individuals who have contributed their time and efforts to a cause of advancement in the growth of their community, who does not necessarily seek compensation or rewards for doing so.


Article VIII – Meetings

  1. Meetings shall be monthly on the third Tuesday at 12 Noon. The Association shall vote annually if any time or place is to be changed.
  2. Special meetings may be called when deemed necessary by the President provided an effort is made to notify all members.
  3. The programs are to be informative and instructive that would aid Halls. In no way should the programs be used to publicize or promote a political candidate. One seeking reelection or is a candidate for public office shall not have a part on the program within six months prior to the election.
  4. The regular meeting shall not exceed one hour.

Halls Business & Professional Association Constitution and Bylaws (rev. 11-21-00) -3-


Article IX – Order of Business

  1. The business shall include the following:
  2. Collection of dues and price of meal
  3. Call to order
  4. Reading and approval of minutes
  5. Treasurer’s report
  6. Unfinished business
  7. Report of committees
  8. New business
  9. The program
  • A quorum shall consist of at least 15 members.

Article X – Amendments

The constitution and bylaws may be amended at a regular meeting provided the amendment has been presented at a previous meeting, presented in the newsletter and voted on after a waiting period of one month.


Article XI – Rules of Order

Roberts Rules of Order shall be followed at every meeting in which business is transacted.