Business Spotlight

April 2021

Halls Business and Professional Association supports the businesses in the Halls community. Local business help contribute to the overall growth and development of our community. Thank you for making our community your home!

Shattered Dreams, located at 6665 Maynardville Highway, has been open since December 2017. The business provides phone and computer repairs as well as graphic design and tech support. The owner of the business Dallas Love sat down with HBPA so we could learn more about him and his business.

Q: Why did you choose to open your business in Halls?

A: “I was born and raised in Halls and graduated from Halls High School in 2002.  When the time came to open my business it just seemed like a good fit.”

Q: Can you tell us about your business?

A: “We repair cell phone screens, well just about anything with a screen really. We also offer parts for and repair of cell phones, tablets, iPads.”

Q: What made you open this type of business?

A: “I built my first computer when I was 7. I’ve just always enjoyed working with computers and troubleshooting. I majored in Computer Science and Economics at the University of Tennessee. After graduating college, I went into the insurance business for a few years.  I knew that wasn’t what I truly wanted to do so after some soul searching and shattered dreams (get it!) I decided to follow my original passion and open a business where I could do what I love doing and be my own boss.”

Q: What is your business philosophy?

A: “I’m a life-long resident of the community and I want to give back and see it develop and grow. I feel I can accomplish that by providing the residents with a valuable service at a fair price. I value honesty over profit so I will make sure you know the cost of a repair versus the cost of a replacement, even if that means I don’t get your business.”

Additional Information:  They have an adorable dog named T’Challa who will you greet you!  He even does tricks 😊

Hours: 11AM – 7PM Monday – Friday; 1pm – 4pm Saturday; Closed Sunday